Headquarters relocation and new phone details

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SMSBOX team is pleased to inform you of our headquarters relocation.

You will find below all our new postal and phone details :

105, Avenue de la République

Phone : +33 (0) 811 03 03 61 (Cost of a local call from Metropolitan France)
FAX    : +33 (0) 811 03 03 62 (Cost of a local call from Metropolitan France)

You can contact us from Monday to Friday 9AM – 12AM & 2PM – 6PM at french time.

The SMS in France on 2010

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The ARCEP website has published SMS sendings statistics in France for the year 2010.

The total amount of traffic reachs 31,1 billions of sent messages from mobile to mobile i.e 170 monthly SMS per customer.

All the statistics about mobile phone on 2010 are available here.

A new year and hundreds of loyalty bonuses!

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For his new year the SMSBOX team send you her best wishes for 2011! As every half year, hundreds of loyalty bonuses of up to 500 SMS Credits have just been distributed to our most loyal customers in proportion to their consumption over the past half year.

Once again thank you for your trust and loyalty !

AlloSMS Pack : validity period of SMS Credits

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Our team inform you that since 10/12/2010 the validity period of our AlloSMS pack will be of 3 months from confirmation of your online order.

New : service reports

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We have the pleasure to inform you that we have just set up a new setting on our platfom to follow up in real time our general problems resolution.

By going to the tab Service reports in your Customer Area SMSBOX you can consult all updates of our incidents and see their history.

Click now on the following link : https://en.smsbox.net/client/service-reports.html

Mail-to-SMS : bulk sending available

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Our team is pleased to announce the availability of a new variable for SMS bulk sending through our Mail-to-SMS tool.

From now by using the variable “groupe” instead of “dest“, you can reach one of your groups in your Carnet d’adresses SMSBOX by entering his ID. You will find this ID in your groups list of your Adress book.

The full documentation of our Mail-to-SMS tool is available from the following address : http://en.smsbox.net/docs/doc-Mail2SMS-SMSBOX-1.0-EN.html

SMS receiving : Reduced rate for rental of keywords on shared long numbers

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We are pleased to announce a significant reduction in our rates for SMS receiving concerning rental of keywords on long shared numbers.

You can now enjoy a keyword for SMS receiving from only 4.90 EUR/month !

Rent your own keyword on a shared long number to treat messages from your correspondents upon receipt of their SMS through our platform.

Examples of applications :
  • You give your keyword « PARTY » to your contacts telling them to send it through SMS at +33 6 XX XX XX XX.
    By choosing option « Automatic answer », you define the message contening details of your next party that our platform will send via SMS.
  • You give your keyword « INVITATION » to your contacts telling them to send « INVITATION YES » (ou NO) through SMS at +33 6 XX XX XX XX.
    By choosing option « Inbox », you will receive instantly their replies in your inbox of your Customer Area.

As a reminder, we also offer the rental of dedicaded long phone number allowing you to receive any messages sent to your own phone number from 39 EUR/month.

All the details of our receiving SMS offer are available by clicking here.

New : Events management through SMS!

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SMSBOX team is pleased to present its new SMS sending tool added to the services offered by our platform.

You can now schedule events to notify or prevent your recipients at specific date!

You will be able to send recurring SMS to celebrate a birthday, notify the expiration or renewal of a subscription or service, prevent a deadline and even insert some variables to customize entirely your message. Each recipient will receive his SMS at a custom date and the sending will be automatically done at the specific moment.

With our new events manager, you import your file, you choose the settings and SMSBOX handles your sendings during all year long without any intervention on your part.

Discover now this new tool in your Customer Area or by clicking here.

New offer : Dedicated long phone numbers and keywords on shared phone numbers rental

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The SMSBOX team is pleased to introduce a brand new offer jsut added to our range of services : the dedicated & shared long phone numbers rental for SMS receiving.

It is now possible to rent a dedicated long number (i.e +33 6 XX XX XX XX) and keywords on shared numbers.

You will be able to receive SMS without sending one before. The SMS treatment can be made by your own applications (by Callback) to manage surveys, invitations, news, online access, administration of remote servers and many other services requiring interaction by SMS.

We invite you to go now on the page of this new product to learn more by clicking-here.

New PLATINUM Pack : Reduced rate -4.7%

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We are pleased to inform you that a new level (PLATINUM Pack) is available for all order from 30 000 SMS Credits.

With this new pack, the SMS sending to France or all over the world will be at this price:
  • 0.087 EUR (VAT Excl.) in Expert sending mode (instead of 0.091 EUR (VAT Excl.))
  • 0.069 EUR (VAT Excl.) in Economic sending mode (instead of 0.073 EUR (VAT Excl.))

A significant drop of -4.7% for your SMS sendings !

You will find all our rates for SMS sendings, which PLATINUM pack on our website at the following address : http://en.smsbox.net/sms-offers.html.

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