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Voice messages are coming to SMSBOX !

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SMSBOX team is pleased to announce our new sending offer which won’t let you speechless anymore !

You can now send voice messages to mobile phones and landlines all over the world.

Three sending option are available :

  • With our Text-to-speech (TTS) tool turn your text into a voice message in a few clicks! A quick way to vocalize your messages.
  • Record your message with your voice with our voice server, An efficient option to custom your sendings.
  • Import your own sound file from your computer ! Perfect to play your marketing jingles and promote your branding identity.

Confirmations, reminders, events, special offers, say it with your voice and get an additional media to serve your customer relationship!

Voice messages revealed their efficiency and productivity for all kind of reminders. Customizable and bringer of your company identity, they stand out from the SMS and e-mail messages for your services reports or your marketing campaigns.

You will find all the details and prices per destination concerning our voice message offer by cliking on the following link : http://en.smsbox.net/voice-messages.html

SMS : an alternative to e-mail to communicate with your clients ?

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Mail-to-SMS : bulk sending available

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Our team is pleased to announce the availability of a new variable for SMS bulk sending through our Mail-to-SMS tool.

From now by using the variable “groupe” instead of “dest“, you can reach one of your groups in your Carnet d’adresses SMSBOX by entering his ID. You will find this ID in your groups list of your Adress book.

The full documentation of our Mail-to-SMS tool is available from the following address : http://en.smsbox.net/docs/doc-Mail2SMS-SMSBOX-1.0-EN.html

SMS sending toolbar update – SMSBOX Toolbar

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A new version of our SMS sending toolbar (SMSBOX Toolbar) is now available for Mozilla FireFox. It is the version 1.6.

You can download it from the following address http://toolbar.smsbox.net/ or by directly updating the toolbar if you already had the last version.

List of important changes in this new version:

  • Now available in French and English
  • Some corrections and updates

More security added in our Customer Area

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We are pleased to inform you that we have strengthened the security of our online Customer Area. All your interaction with our platform are now encrypted via SSL (https://).

We remind you that your transactions were already fully secured by our bank partners..

SMSBOX.MOBI in english

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Our team is pleased to announce the availability of our mobile version SMSBOX.MOBI in english.

This service especially designed and optimized for mobile devices (cell phones, smartphone, iPhone, …) allows you to send your personal SMS or your marketing campaigns in mobility to and from anywhere in the world for very low rates (internet connection / wap required).

In addition, the service now has a secure connection (SSL https://).

To access our mobile version, enter www.smsbox.mobi or m.smsbox.mobi (light version) from the browser of your mobile device.

Restriction by IP address – Significant changes

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In order to strengthen the security of our services, we will extend the IP access restriction (for the API) to our Mail2SMS solution, it is a gateway to the simplified use of the API.

As a reminder, you can specify IP addresses authorized to use your account from the API via the « API Safety » in your Customer Area.

We envisage to apply the IP restriction on the Mail2SMS by March 15, 2010.

If you use this option, an e-mail alert will be now done each time unauthorized access to your account will be detected (IP address not listed). Sendings via le Mail2SMS will really be blocked by the restriction from 15 March 15, 2010.

Please also note that we have just updated the configuration page of the authorized IP addresses (menu « API Safety » in your Customer Area) :

  • You can now define the IP addresses authorized to use your sub-accounts
  • You can specify IP address ranges to allow, for example

Our team is at your disposal for any request for additional information.

Easily resend your messages from your Customer Area

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You have ow the possibility to use the button « Resend » available from the menu « History » in your Customer Area.

This button allows you to easily resend your messages after selecting them (tickboxes). Useful for example if your recipient mobile phone was switched off during a long period and he could not receive it (expired).

The resending of a message is charged on the standard rate, according to the sending mode without fee.

Important, the messages content that you need to resend has must be saved, to do this you have to activate the storage option of your sent messages from the preferences of your account.

SMSBOX API (FR) – IP Address change

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In the continuous evolution of our infrastructure, we inform you that the IP (v4) of our API reachable via api.smsbox.fr will be replaced on 20/02/2010.

The new IP address for api.smsbox.fr will be:

If you use a firewall, please check your filter rules.
No service interruption is expected, the API will remain reachable and available throughout the operation.

Our team is available in case of questions or additional information request.

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