Updated opt-in regulations in the USA

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We would like to inform you that the new TCPA regulations in the USA may impact your campaigns. If you are sending marketing or unclassified traffic to this destination please make sure you familiarize yourself with the updated regulations.

Beginning October 16, 2013, prior express written consent will be required for all autodialed and/or pre-recorded calls/texts sent/made to cell phone and pre-recorded calls made to residential land lines for marketing purposes.
From the same date the “established business relationship” exemption will be eliminated.

The TCPA provides for actual damages or statutory damages that begin at $500 per call and can be increased up to $1,500 per call for willful violations.

For more information please see : http://www.kleinmoynihan.com/publication/new-tcpa-rules-effective-october-16-2013/

New tariffs list at SMSBOX on 10 June 2013

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Discover 5 SMSBOX news ! Reactive in functional and tariff plans, SMSBOX is pleased to announce new rates while remaining uncompromising on quality: premium routes high throughput, availability and security (Disaster Recovery Plan in 4 hours), responsiveness and professionalism of our support.

Price change

SMSBOX is constantly negotiating the terms of service and price with its operators.

We are pleased to announce the release of a new tariffs list with prices down (eg : over 20% on Expert and Response mode to Metropolitan France), but still with a premium quality.

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Price per country

SMSBOX has always decided to offers you to pay the lowest price and because there are more and moire differences in prices between destinations, our price list is changing from a single rate to a rate per country.

Find many destinations to less than 0.03 € (Excl. VAT) per SMS!

> More info

Immediate advantage over your stock

You just ordered a large number of credits before the lower prices?

No problem, changing our rates results in a reassessment of the number of Credits required to send an SMS. Thus, your credit balance will not change but you will benefit from this new grid when it is online, without waiting for your next order.

Alignment of the three modes

Choose your type of SMS based on your needs and not based on its price! Rates of Expert and Response modes were aligned with those of the Standard (old Economic).

Adherents of Expert or Response modes, immediately save ! You’ve always wanted to try the Expert mode or Response mode without daring, take the plunge!

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Economic mode becomes Standard mode

All types of SMS have always enjoyed the same quality of service and now the same pricing, « Economic » mode changes its name and becomes the « Standard » mode.

However, no technical change are expected on API calls or Mail2SMS, technical code remains unchanged.

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SMS sending in USA and Canada

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We are pleased to inform you that our coverage to USA (+1) and Canada (+1) has expanded and cover all of the main mobile operators of these countries.

Nearly 300 million people are now within your reach (271 million mobile subscribers in the United States and 26 million in Canada).

In the USA, 82% of adults own a mobile phone. The penetration rate of the mobile is greater than 100%.
Today, 1 in 3 Americans prefer to receive advertising via SMS by any other means of communication on their mobile (mobile websites, applications, Voicemail …).

You can read the coverage and restrictions for these destinations on the following links:

SMS turns 20 years old !

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Rate reduction of Response Mode and compatibility with Free Mobile (+33)

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SMSBOX team is pleased to announce a huge discount price on our Response Mode. From the 25th June 2012, send a message through the Response Mode will cost only 1 SMS Credit per message (instead of 1.2 Credits until now), as the Expert Mode !

Responses from your recipients are still totally free for you.

We inform you that the Response Mode allows your correspondents to reply to your messages during 48 hours, you are able to directly see all the replies on your SMSBOX Inbox or on a Callback URL.

The Response Mode also evolves for SMS sent to Metropolitan France (+33). From now a Shortcode (5 digits) will be shown as the Sender ID on mobiles phones. This change permits to our platform to contact Free Mobile suscribers and avoid the SFR filters.

Concerning SMS sent to foreigns countries, our french long number is still used.

Click here to discover our Response Mode !

(Français) SMSBOX recherche un Commercial Terrain sur la région Nord !

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Sorry, this entry is only available in Français.

Vocalised SMS to landlines, Multimedia mode deletion and support exceptional closure on Monday, May 28

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We are pleased to introduce you the last news of our platform.

Voice SMS to Metropolitan France landlines

We inform you that, from the Sunday, May 27, 2012, a new functionality will allow you to vocalize your SMS sent to Metropolitan France (+33) landlines. This option will be available for Expert and Economic modes, for free, from your Customer Area, API and Mail-to-SMS.
A dedicated service for Voice SMS is being prepared and will offer you more options and better coverage.

Multimedia mode deletion = 20% discount !

The same day (Sunday, May 27, 2012), the Multimedia mode disappears and multimedia SMS are going to be integrated into Ecomonic and Expert modes. So, you will be able to send same SMS for a 20% discount price by using the Economic mode !
For API users, Multimedia mode will be replaced by Economic mode. If you don’t change your SMS sendings scripts, your Multimedia messages will be sent in Economic mode automatically (with 20% discount).

Exceptional support closure Monday, May 28

We take this message to inform you that our customer support will be closed on Whit Monday, May 28, 2012. Your questions posted that day and during the weekend will be treated in the day on Tuesday, May 29, 2012.

Free Mobile (+33) covered by our SMS sendings platform

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We inform you that our platform can reach the new operator Free Mobile (+33) since the 3rd February 2012.

From now only the fixed originator (shortcode) is available, whatever you send your SMS through the Expert or Economic mode. We do not know, at the moment, if this new operator will allow custom Sender ID.

We remind you that the portability is perfectly handled for your SMS sendings to Metropolitan France (+33), that it allows you to reach all your recipients thanks to our coverage!

New strategy option for your SMS sendings

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A new functionality has just been released on our platform. You can now define a communication strategy for all your SMS sendings.

This new option will help all your communications to your recipients or costumers functions of your activity or personal need. You will avoid blacklist limitation for your private & non commercial communication.

When you creating your SMS from your services, you will choose from the four following strategies :

  • Person to Person communication
  • Alerting SMS / Product or service delivery
  • Non-commercial group communication
  • Marketing SMS

The Person to Person strategy allow you to send SMS to family or colleagues without checking numbers in he privative and global blacklists. Marketing SMS are forbidden through this strategy.

The second strategy allows you to send alerts SMS, to advise customers for a package delivery, send a password for a service connection or to monitor a server without checking numbers in he privative and global blacklists. Marketing SMS are forbidden through this strategy.

The third strategy is concerning non-commercial group sendings allows you to send SMS to a work group or a group of friends. The global blacklist is not checked, however if a number is in your private blacklist it will be blocked.

To finish, the last strategy only concerns Marketing campaigns. In France, the legilstation compels to avoid to send campaigns after 9 PM, before 8 AM and on sunday & bank holiday. Moreover, global and private blacklists are checked. Finally you have to give the choice to recipients to unsubscribe inside your message for example for SMS sent to Metropolitan France : “STOP si refus SMS” in Economic or Response mode, or “STOP SMS au 36111″ for a sending in Expert mode.

This functionnality being optional we remind you that if no strategy are selected for your sending, the global & private blacklists will be checked for the entire list of numbers in your campaign.

You will find a paragraph concerning strategy in our API documentation.
The option is also available for Mail-to-SMS, you can consult the documentation here.

We remain at your disposal for any further information.

A new year and hundreds of loyalty bonuses!

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For his new year the SMSBOX team send you her best wishes for 2012! As every half year, hundreds of loyalty bonuses of up to 500 SMS Credits have just been distributed to our most loyal customers in proportion to their consumption over the past half year.

A lot of new services will be added this year, so we meet you very soon to discover them !

Until then, you can keep in touch on our blog, and on Facebook or Twitter !

Once again thank you for your trust and loyalty !

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