Rate reduction of Response Mode and compatibility with Free Mobile (+33)

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SMSBOX team is pleased to announce a huge discount price on our Response Mode. From the 25th June 2012, send a message through the Response Mode will cost only 1 SMS Credit per message (instead of 1.2 Credits until now), as the Expert Mode !

Responses from your recipients are still totally free for you.

We inform you that the Response Mode allows your correspondents to reply to your messages during 48 hours, you are able to directly see all the replies on your SMSBOX Inbox or on a Callback URL.

The Response Mode also evolves for SMS sent to Metropolitan France (+33). From now a Shortcode (5 digits) will be shown as the Sender ID on mobiles phones. This change permits to our platform to contact Free Mobile suscribers and avoid the SFR filters.

Concerning SMS sent to foreigns countries, our french long number is still used.

Click here to discover our Response Mode !

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