Vocalised SMS to landlines, Multimedia mode deletion and support exceptional closure on Monday, May 28

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We are pleased to introduce you the last news of our platform.

Voice SMS to Metropolitan France landlines

We inform you that, from the Sunday, May 27, 2012, a new functionality will allow you to vocalize your SMS sent to Metropolitan France (+33) landlines. This option will be available for Expert and Economic modes, for free, from your Customer Area, API and Mail-to-SMS.
A dedicated service for Voice SMS is being prepared and will offer you more options and better coverage.

Multimedia mode deletion = 20% discount !

The same day (Sunday, May 27, 2012), the Multimedia mode disappears and multimedia SMS are going to be integrated into Ecomonic and Expert modes. So, you will be able to send same SMS for a 20% discount price by using the Economic mode !
For API users, Multimedia mode will be replaced by Economic mode. If you don’t change your SMS sendings scripts, your Multimedia messages will be sent in Economic mode automatically (with 20% discount).

Exceptional support closure Monday, May 28

We take this message to inform you that our customer support will be closed on Whit Monday, May 28, 2012. Your questions posted that day and during the weekend will be treated in the day on Tuesday, May 29, 2012.

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