New tariffs list at SMSBOX on 10 June 2013

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Discover 5 SMSBOX news ! Reactive in functional and tariff plans, SMSBOX is pleased to announce new rates while remaining uncompromising on quality: premium routes high throughput, availability and security (Disaster Recovery Plan in 4 hours), responsiveness and professionalism of our support.

Price change

SMSBOX is constantly negotiating the terms of service and price with its operators.

We are pleased to announce the release of a new tariffs list with prices down (eg : over 20% on Expert and Response mode to Metropolitan France), but still with a premium quality.

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Price per country

SMSBOX has always decided to offers you to pay the lowest price and because there are more and moire differences in prices between destinations, our price list is changing from a single rate to a rate per country.

Find many destinations to less than 0.03 € (Excl. VAT) per SMS!

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Immediate advantage over your stock

You just ordered a large number of credits before the lower prices?

No problem, changing our rates results in a reassessment of the number of Credits required to send an SMS. Thus, your credit balance will not change but you will benefit from this new grid when it is online, without waiting for your next order.

Alignment of the three modes

Choose your type of SMS based on your needs and not based on its price! Rates of Expert and Response modes were aligned with those of the Standard (old Economic).

Adherents of Expert or Response modes, immediately save ! You’ve always wanted to try the Expert mode or Response mode without daring, take the plunge!

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Economic mode becomes Standard mode

All types of SMS have always enjoyed the same quality of service and now the same pricing, « Economic » mode changes its name and becomes the « Standard » mode.

However, no technical change are expected on API calls or Mail2SMS, technical code remains unchanged.

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